Smart Campaign, Social Performance Task Force, and the Seal of Excellence Issue a Joint Letter

Isabelle Barrès of the Smart Campaign, Laura Foose of the Social Performance Task Force, and Larry Reed of the Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance issued a joint letter at the SPTF annual meeting in Jordan to explain how these three initiatives “are working together to minimize confusion while increasing options for microfinance practitioners, investors, and other stakeholders.”

The letter addresses much of the criticism leveled against the multiplication of standards-setting initiatives these last few years.

  1. Read how each initiative is employing similar strategies to encourage excellence in their different areas of focus and the many steps taken to coordinate action in a common cause.
  2. See the logical progression from Client Protection, to Social Performance Management, to Client Level Outcomes.
  3. Get an early peak at how the 3 initiatives are working to develop a modular approach to ratings.

We encourage you to read the entire letter here and to visit each initiative’s website to learn how you can take advantage of the tools and resources made available on their websites.

Download the letter here.

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