Challenges to Achieving the Mission of Poverty Reduction: A Two Day Online Event

Join us for a two day online e-consultation on July 30-31 hosted by Microlinks. Visit Microlinks to register.


This 2-day e-Consultation bridges a dialogue between practitioners, investors, and other stakeholders on current measures of poverty outreach and outcomes, challenges surrounding implementing a client-centered mission for MFIs and investors, and strategies for how the Seal of Excellence can champion poverty reduction goals for the microfinance industry.

Value Proposition for Participants

MFIs pursuing poverty alleviation will have a chance to shape an industry-wide initiative that highlights their work and gives them access to best practices and innovations from around the world. Investors and other industry stakeholders can also weigh in on what they need the Seal to do for them.

Agenda and Key Questions

Day 1: Current Practices and Challenges

Share and learn from practitioners and investors in an experienced-based discussion on the following questions:

  • What are the experiences of MFIs that put poor clients at the heart of their work?
  • What are the challenges of MFIs trying to reach the poorest clients?
  • Is a poverty alleviation mission at odds with an institution’s sustainability?

Day 2: The Seal of Excellence and Way Forward

Learn more about the Seal of Excellence and share thoughts on how this initiative can potentially help MFIs achieve their poverty outreach missions.

  • What is the Seal of Excellence?
  • How can this initiative help to recognize MFIs with a client-centered focus?
  • How can the Seal of Excellence create a learning agenda that generates positive and enduring outcomes for clients

Learn more about the event facilitators here.

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