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Poverty Measurement – April PovCoP session

Poverty Measurement – April PovCoP session

3 April 2013 2:00pm EDT / 18:00 GMT (online) What tools are available and how are they used? Hear from experts and practitioners, and share your own experience with the group. Guest presentations include: Food Security Survey (Freedom from Hunger) Bobbi Gray Research and Evaluation Specialist at Freedom from Hunger Progress out of Poverty Index … Continue reading

Findings from the Beta Tests

Findings from the Beta Tests

The Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence recently concluded a beta testing phase with seven microfinance institutions representing a variety of regions, sizes, and legal forms. The following are the high level reflections from the tests, categorized by the linkages with the existing Social Rating tools, Indicators, and Recommendations. Links with Social Ratings: There exists good overlap … Continue reading

Africa – Urban concentration of Microfinance

We received a concerned email from a member of our Poverty-focused MF Community of Practice (PovCoP) on microfinance trends in Africa: “I have watched with keen interest the current influx of Micro finance banks and Institutions in Africa. What is worrisome however is the fact that majority of them have concentrated their attention in the … Continue reading

6 March events (PovCoP)

If you were not able to join us last week for the launch of our Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice, see below for a video and summary of the day’s events.  Please join us in the future for Upcoming Events! Introduction Hello everyone!  Welcome to our launch meeting for the Poverty-focused Microfinance community of practice. … Continue reading

Tech Support Forum (PovCoP)

Did you have trouble joining the Poverty-focused Community of Practice  sessions? Please let us know what happened in the comments section below.  We will be working with WebEx to prevent technical issues at future meetings of the Poverty-focused Community of Practice. Do you have any suggestions for the format of future events? Thank you for … Continue reading

Feedback Forum, 6 Mar 2013 (PovCoP)

What stands out from the 1st Poverty-focused Community of Practice session? What did you learn from our guest experts?                                     France Sinha                      Lucia Spaggiari                … Continue reading

Learning Agenda (PovCoP)

Here is our proposed Learning Agenda for the PovCoP group: 3 April 2013: Poverty Measurement What tools are available for use?  How can we use them effectively in our everyday work? 1 May 2013: Services that meet the needs of the poor What do microfinance products that meet the needs of the poor look like? … Continue reading

The Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence

Originally posted on The State of the Campaign Report:
The CGAP-Ford Graduation Program commissioned research using randomized control trials on these eight graduation programs: Bandhan in India SKS in India Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund in Pakistan Plan International and Organización de Desarollo Empresarial Feminino Social in Honduras Plan International and Asociación Arariwa in Peru Relief Society of…