6 March events (PovCoP)

If you were not able to join us last week for the launch of our Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice, see below for a video and summary of the day’s events.  Please join us in the future for Upcoming Events!


Hello everyone!  Welcome to our launch meeting for the Poverty-focused Microfinance community of practice.  We at the Pro-poor Seal of Excellence, in partnership with the Social Performance Task Force, are the coordinators of these community of practice meetings.

Now I would like to introduce JD Bergeron, Director of the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence, who will be leading the brief introduction and our discussion today.

Why do we need a Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice?

05:30 GMT / UTC, 6 Mar 2013 (Presentation translated in French)

Summary of 16:30 GMT / UTC, 6 Mar 2013 (Spanish language facilitation)

  • Presentation: Why we need a Poverty-focused Community of Practice? (Spanish translation)
  • Our Guests:
    • Carmen Velasco, Pro Mujer
    • Emmanuelle Javoy, Planet Rating
    • Lisa Kuhn Fraioli, Freedom from Hunger (former)
  • Follow-up:  Due to a great deal of interest in Poverty measurement, our next session on 3 April 2013 will focus on this topic.

The PovCoP Moving Forward

Learning Agenda: Here is our proposal – Does this reflect your organization’s interests?
Feedback Forum: What stands out from our 6 Mar 2013 sessions?
Tech Support Forum
: Did you have trouble accessing our 6 Mar 2013 sessions?

Please send any other questions or comments to measurelearnchange[at]gmail.com

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