What is the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence?

With the recent announcement of our name change to Truelift from the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence, many are left wondering, “What is the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence?” We would like to answer this question today, as well as explain how the Seal of Excellence fits into the greater Truelift initiative.

MLC_ENGThe Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence
The Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence–one of four levels of Truelift achievement–recognizes MFIs achieving the highest level of performance and verification. These MFIs are known as Truelift Leaders. Those who receive the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence fully meet the qualifying standards, including sustainability, responsible financial performance, client protection, and social performance management, and show strength in each of the three Pro-Poor Principles. This performance is verified by a social rating with a Truelift add-on (or an independent Truelift assessment), as well as having received Smart Certification. You can read more about all of the levels of recognition including the Truelift Leaders here on our Pro-Poor Performance and Verification Requirements page

Though the Truelift initiative was initially conceived with the name Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance (and later shortened to the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence), the intention was always to create a high level recognition for those practitioners that are doing the most to reach and serve poor clients. In line with our history, we have retained the “Seal of Excellence” terminology to recognize the highest level of pro-poor performance. The Truelift initiative also includes other components such as the Truelift Assessment and the Poverty-Focused Community of Practice, hosted by Truelift and the Social Performance Task Force. Read more about Truelift Assessment here, and learn about the Poverty-focused Community of Practice here.

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