Renaming Challenges

Today we would like to discuss some of the challenges we faced in the renaming process. Outlined below are some of the factors weighing into our renaming from “The Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance” to who we are today: Truelift.

Renaming challenges(click to see full size image)

Truelift’s mission is full of complex concepts.

  • Social Performance
  • Definitions of Poverty
  • Microfinance Industry Concepts

While the Truelift mission is full of complex concepts, we value simplicity.

  • our original name had 11 words!
  • Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice

Word Choice
We sought a name that is positive and conveys what we do.

  • is the “Seal” metaphor over-used? Old-fashioned?
  • “Poverty” not a positive word for naming but we need to keep poverty focus
  • Concept
  • The Seal defines the endpoint, but the journey is what we want to stimulate

We sought a name that is adaptable.

  • Adaptability to local and global contexts
  • Adaptability of “seals” for other social missions
  • Application outside of microfinance

Visual Imagery
We sought a mark or logo that appeals to a wide array of stakeholders.

  • Window test – appeal to clients
  • Appeal to MFIs and industry
  • T-shirt test – appeal to general public

What does our new look and feel say to you?

One thought on “Renaming Challenges

  1. I think your approach is refreshing all the efforts in poverty reduction (especially micro-financing efforts). The simplicity of the terminologies, the statements expressing a true and purposeful outreach of the poor, your comprehensive approach, and your new attractive look surely contributes a LOT for TRULY addressing poverty.

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