Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation supports Truelift

$150,000 grant will fund Truelift’s
and communications over three years.

June 18, 2013 – Truelift, a global initiative to renew focus on the pro-poor objective of microfinance, received a three-year grant totaling $150,000 from the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation to support Truelift’s operations and communications capacity as the initiative transitions from the design phase into full implementation of their work.

Truelift will work to increase the engagement of pro-poor stakeholders in the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice. Truelift is creating a trust mark – in microfinance and beyond – to signify commitment to positive and lasting change for people living in poverty. In the next year, the initiative will formalize as a key contributor to the industry as it promotes the Pro-Poor Principles: 1) Purposeful Outreach to People Living in Poverty; 2) Services that Meet the Needs of People Living in Poverty; and 3) Tracking Progress of People Living in Poverty.

Asad Mahmood, Managing Director of Deutsche Bank’s Global Social Investment Funds and Community Development Finance Group and a member of the Truelift Steering Committee, commented:

“Truelift is an initiative that is helping to focus microfinance on its original mission—to provide financing to the poorest of the poor. Deutsche Bank is thrilled to promote best practice and encouragement to institutions that are helping to change the lives of people living in poverty and to create positive and enduring changes in their lives.”


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