Perceptions of consumer knowledge and Purposeful outreach to poor people

Last week, Lisa Kuhn Fraioli’s post on Outreach to the Poorest began our conversation on staff perceptions of people living in poverty, and how these perceptions can affect Purposeful Outreach to poor people.


Russia Trust Fund for Financial Literacy and Education has just released a study done in Mexico on perceptions of consumer knowledge. This study looked at how the perceptions sales staff have of different types of consumers and their knowledge impacted the quality and quantity of information consumers receive when shopping for an individual credit or savings product.  Learn more about this study on the CGAP blog here,

How do staff perceptions and practices have an impact on
purposeful outreach to poor people?

What can a pro-poor MFI do to ensure that staff are able to provide
the same quality and quantity of information to poor clients?

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