Announcing: Truelift indicators tool available for download

Where did the indicators come from?

The Truelift Assessment methodology has been a long time in making – beginning with the original conception of the standards in 2010, through two years and two rounds of testing the framework and indicators by the Microfinance Technical Review Committee (MTRC), to where we are today with the final set of indicators and sub-indicators, approved by the Steering Committee in March 2013.


The Truelift Assessment Methodology, including performance and verification requirements, milestones, and indicators, is founded on the three Pro-Poor Principles and reflects not only the performance of an MFI’s pro-poor activities, but also the strength of evidence that validates it. Indicators and sub-indicators will be regularly reviewed by the MTRC to ensure the rigor of the methodology remains current moving forward.

What is the purpose of the indicators tool?

The Truelift indicators tool is meant to introduce a practitioner, network, investor, funder, or similarly pro-poor organization to the Pro-Poor Principles and the indicators on which an MFI would be assessed by a third-party. The public availability of the tool allows an organization diagnose its own strengths and weaknesses along the Pro-Poor Principles.

The Truelift indicators tool is a placeholder until Cerise SPI v4.0 is released in early 2014, which will be fully compatible with the Truelift Pro-Poor Principles, Dimensions, Indicators and Sub-indicators. A complete version of the indicators tool, including sub-indicators, will be available in Q4 2013 and can be used as self-assessment for those MFIs that have experience with social performance indicators and self-assessment practices at that time.

If you would like to gain access to the Truelift indicators tool, please follow the instructions here.

Click here for more information on the Truelift Assessment Methodology, or for more information on the tool visit this page.

We invite your questions in the comments section below,
or you can contact the Truelift team directly at info[@]

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