Announcing: Ging Ledesma, new Truelift Steering Committee member

Ging Ledesma_Official

Ging Ledesma

We are very pleased to welcome Ging Lesdema, Director social performance and financial analysis with Oikocredit, to the Truelift Steering Committee.

Welcome Ging!

Larry Reed welcomes Ging’s expertise on the Steering Committee:

“Ging and Oikocredit represent the best of ethical investors. They go out of their way to make sure their investments match their claims.  We are happy to have Ging’s knowledge and experience on our Steering Committee.”

Chris Dunford, Executive Committee Co-Chair for Truelift, comments on what Ging will bring to Truelift:

“I know Ging by reputation as one of the global leaders of the social performance management movement within microfinance. As a long-time leader at Oikocredit, perhaps the oldest and largest pro-poor investor and lender to social businesses of all types, Ging is now Director of social performance and financial analysis. As such, Ging brings to the Truelift Steering Committee invaluable experience and wisdom from both the SPM movement in general and the perspective of the pro-poor investor/lender in particular. It is a special honor to Truelift that Ging is designated to represent Oikocredit on the Steering Committee.”

Ging has over twenty-three years of experience in development work encompassing program planning, management and implementation, development of strategic partnerships, pre-funding and post-funding appraisals of development programs.

As the current Director of Social Performance and Financial Analysis with Oikocredit, a leading financier of microfinance in over 60 countries, Ging is responsible for developing strategies for social performance management and capacity building and in providing financial, social and environmental analysis of projects proposed for financing. Ging joined Oikocredit in 1999 as Deputy Regional Manager in the Southeast Asia Regional Office. She subsequently held positions as Regional Manager Southeast Asia and Manager Monitoring & Administration before becoming Oikocredit’s first Manager of Social Performance in 2009.

Prior to joining Oikocredit, Ging worked for various organizations in Asia, including Asia Partnership for Human Development in Hong Kong and the National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace in the Philippines. As a Consultant in Program Development, Management and Evaluation, Ging also conducted and concluded program and project appraisals and organizational audits for various development agencies.

Ging has a degree in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. She moved to the Netherlands in 2005 to join Oikocredit’s international office and currently lives in Utrecht with her son, Aris.

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