Tributes to Anne Hastings

Alex Counts, CEO of Grameen Foundation, wrote this wonderful piece on Anne Hastings following an event honoring her service with Fonkoze in Haiti. Anne has been an esteemed Advisor to the Truelift Steering Committee since its inception and we look forward to her continuing support and expertise in poverty-focused microfinance.

Alex Counts' Blog about Fonkoze and Microfinance in Haiti

Last Thursday, I attended an event honoring and celebrating Anne Hastings’ 17 years of service in Haiti, as she recently transitioned into a volunteer and governance role.  Of the hundreds present, 12 people invited to speak for three minutes each — some Haitians, some foreigners, some in Creole, some in English.  Father Joseph, Julian Schroeder, Leigh Carter and Maryann Boord also spoke, sang and presented a nice slideshow and some gifts.  I was one of those 12 speakers. Later, I wrote up my remarks based on my notes and my best recollection of what I said (and a few things I meant to say but in the moment, omitted).  Anne did not encourage me to publish my remarks, even though she did ask me to write them up for her personal use and files.  But when asked, she gave me her blessing to put them on this blog…

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