Survey Results: What do you want to learn about poverty-focused microfinance?

We saw great response to our fall survey on the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice (PovertyCoP). Thank you for your participation! Here are some of the results from the survey, as well as next steps for how Truelift will move forward in light of your feedback.

Top three ways chosen to engage with the PovertyCoP:

  1. Receive email newsletters with resources
  2. Attend online webinars to hear from experts and members of the PovertyCoP
  3. Read articles, view video recordings of web events, and leave comments on the Truelift blog

Ranked learning objectives along the Pro-Poor Principles framework:

  1. Services that meet the needs of people living in poverty
  2. Tracking progress of people living in poverty
  3. Purposeful outreach to people living in poverty

Next Steps:

Many respondents expressed interest in sharing practices with the group and learning more about Truelift. We will be follow-up shortly with next steps for those who would like to become more engaged. Thank you for you commitment to poverty-focused microfinance and Truelift!

Screenshot 2013-12-04 11.32.18

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Reported Event Attendance

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n= 50

2 thoughts on “Survey Results: What do you want to learn about poverty-focused microfinance?

  1. at 1st and for most, the main objective of every MF is povertiy allivation,due to this fact they must perecieve what the pro poor perinceple say and guid on it,but the reality in my country opposit of this,so why your team make a survey and justify them.yours!

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