Over 300 committed to poverty-focused microfinance!

Last week the Poverty-focused microfinance Community of Practice (CoP) reached 300 members . Thank you all for your commitment to pro-poor microfinance!

What can we learn together?

  • Take a look at our recent contributions from CoP membership
  • Learning and sharing in the CoP is based on the Pro-Poor Principles framework, and focused on effective models found in our membership and throughout the academic, practitioner, investor, funder and support communities found in the microfinance industry.
  • Results collected in a recent survey of CoP membership will inform the structure and content of CoP learning moving forward.

Participate in the CoP

  • Click here to join the CoP if you are not already a member.
  • If you have a model, case study, or example of purposeful outreach, products and services, or tracking change over time for clients living in poverty – please share your experiences with the group. Contact us at info[@]truelift.org to discuss how we can work together in improving pro-poor practices through community learning and sharing.
HDI 800px-UN_Report_2008

click for more information on the image

image: UN Human Development Index Report, 2008

Hosted by Truelift and the Social Performance Task Force, the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice (CoP) is a learning environment for all those committed to pro-poor microfinance. As many can attest, it is the potential to help lift the quality of life of poor people that brought us to microfinance in the first place. The Community of Practice (CoP) is a place for all those who demonstrate serious intent to reach and help the poor to learn and grow together by sharing good practices, effective tools and resources in an effort to manifest our vision for the future of pro-poor microfinance.

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