Quiz: How Poverty-focused is your Institution?

At the 2014 Microcredit Summit in Mérida, Mexico, Truelift conducted the workshop “How Pro-Poor is your Institution? Improving Client-Level Outcomes With Essential Practices and Indicators From Truelift”.

This session interactively walked through the Pro-Poor Principles and highlighted key essential practices from the Truelift Indicators tool to demonstrate what pro-poor practice is and how an institution can measure, learn and change to better serve their clients living in conditions of poverty.

Approximately 45 people were in attendance, with simultaneous translation in Spanish and English. Participants completed a “quiz” that helped them learn about their organization’s strengths and weaknesses in reaching poor clients, meeting their needs and tracking their progress over time. Three microfinance institution practitioners were on hand to share their experiences in using the Truelift Indicators tool and highlighted how their organizations benefitted from the knowledge they gained during the process.

The workshop was a success, with active participation of the attendees throughout the session. Truelift would like to thank our panel (listed below) for their excellent contributions to the workshop.

If you were unable to attend, we invite you to view the workshop presentation here and take the “How Poverty-focused is your Institution?” Quiz located here.

DSC_0137From Left to Right: Iris Lanao Flores, Sandhya Suresh, Laurence Bottin, Daniella Hawkins and Carmen Velasco

  • Laurence Bottin, Planet Rating and Truelift Technical Review Committee Member
  • Carmen Velasco, Truelift Executive Committee Co-Chair
  • Sandhya Suresh, ESAF Microfinance – Truelift Aspirant Institution
  • Daniella Hawkins, MicroLoan Foundation Malawi – Truelift Aspirant Institution
  • Iris Lanao Flores, FINCA Peru – Truelift Achiever Institution

Does your organization want to complete the Truelift Indicators Tool? Request to download it here!

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