Leadership and Team

The Steering Committee

Established in December 2010, the Steering Committee for Truelift is composed of a diverse group of industry leaders. A list of the current committee members can be found below.

isabelle barres SChidiac_Approved Alex Counts_official
Isabelle Barrès Sybil Chidiac Alex Counts
Director, Smart Campaign,Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION, United States Senior Technical Advisor Learning and Knowledge Management of Access Africa, CARE USA President and CEO, Grameen Foundation, United States
Frank DeGiovanni_Official John de Wit_Approved Freedom From Hunger, Ghana, August 2008, Christopher Dunford
 Frank DeGiovanni John de Wit Christopher Dunford***
 Director of Financial Assets, Ford Foundation, United States Managing Director, Small Enterprise Foundation, South Africa Independent Consultant, United States
Laura Foose_Approved Anne Hastings_Official Ging Ledesma_Official
Laura Foose Anne Hastings Ging Ledesma
Director, Social Performance Task Force, United States Manager, Microfinance CEO Working Group Director, Social Performance and Financial Analysis, Oikocredit, Netherlands
Asad Mahmood_WEF Larry Reed Ananya Roy
Asad Mahmood Larry Reed* Ananya Roy
Director, Microcredit Summit Campaign, United States Professor and Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice, and Education Director at The Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley, United States
Frances Sinha_Official Javier Vaca Carmen Velasco_Official
Frances Sinha**  Javier Vaca Carmen Velasco***
Director, EDA Rural, India
 Executive Director, Red Financiera Rural, Ecuador Co-founder, Pro Mujer, Inc., Peru
Ayesha Wagle
President, Komaza, United States

* Member of the Executive Committee

** Chair of the Technical Committee

*** Co-Chair of the Executive Committee

Advisors to the Steering Committee

Susy Cheston_official Sam Daley-Harris_official emmanuelle_javoy
Susy Cheston Sam Daley-Harris Emmanuelle Javoy
Senior Advisor, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, United States Founder and Director, Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation, United States Independent
Antonique Koning_official premal shah_official
Antonique Koning Premal Shah
Microfinance Specialist, CGAP, Belgium President, Kiva, United States

The Microfinance Technical Review Committee

Originally established in the fall of 2011 by the Steering Committee, the Microfinance Technical Review Committee consists of raters, researchers and others experienced with assessing the performance of MFIs.

Frank Ballard isabelle barres
Frank Ballard Isabelle Barrès Laurence Bottin
Program Officer, Social Performance Management Center, Grameen Foundation, United States Director, Smart Campaign,Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION, United States Senior Analyst, Planet Rating, Mexico
Freedom From Hunger, Ghana, August 2008, Christopher Dunford Bobbi Gray_Official micolguarneri_official
Christopher Dunford Bobbi Gray Micol Guarneri
Independent Consultant, United States Research and Evaluation Specialist, Freedom from Hunger, United States Independent Consultant,  France
Cecile Lapenu_official Edouard Sers_official Anton _Approved
Cécile Lapenu Edouard Sers Anton Simanowitz
Director, Cerise, France Quality Manager, Planet Rating, France SPM Specialist, Oikocredit & Imp-Act Consortium, United Kingdom
Frances Sinha_Official lucia-spaggiari_official Carmen Velasco_Official
Frances Sinha** Lucia Spaggiari  Carmen Velasco
Director, EDA Rural Systems, India Social Rating Director, MicroFinanza Rating, Thailand Co-founder, Pro Mujer, Inc., Peru

** Chair of the Technical Committee

The Team and Secretariat

Truelift has its administrative home at the Microcredit Summit Campaign, a Project of RESULTS Educational Fund.

JD_headshot Bridget Larry Reed
JD Bergeron Bridget Dougherty Larry Reed
Director Program Manager Director, Microcredit Summit Campaign
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