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To download and complete the Truelift pro-poor module in the SPI4, please visit the CERISE site here

The Truelift Indicators Tool has been streamlined and incorporated into the SPI4 as the pro-poor module. To read more about the SPI4, a universal social performance assessment tool that integrates emerging industry social performance standards, click here.

The streamlined SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module not only significantly reduces the number of indicators that need to be answered, it also contains guidance and examples of compliance for each indicator, easing practitioner completion of the self-assessment. This SPI4 Truelift pro-poor performance module can stand alone as both industry standard and self-improvement tool for social enterprises aiming to alleviate poverty.

Full Version Streamlined Version
Principles 3 3
Essential Practices






Submitting the SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module

Completed SPI4 Truelift pro-poor modules can be submitted to Truelift by emailing the Excel file to info[at] with the subject “Institution Name: SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module.” By submitting the module, an institution completes its self-assessment and, if verified by the Truelift Secretariat, can be recognized as at the Aspirant Milestone.

We hope the SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module is able to help your institution improve its ability to reach, serve, and create positive results for clients living in conditions of poverty.

To register your interest in having the Truelift pro-poor module verified by a third-party or rating agency, submit the form located here.

The Full Version – Truelift Indicators Tool

The full version of the Truelift Indicators Tool (v1.1) can be accessed here and the associated online guidance here. The Truelift pro-poor module in the SPI4 is the point at which to start along the Pro-Poor Pathway. It serves as an introduction to the Pro-Poor Principles for practitioners and is a self-assessment tool. It will help an institution to identify its strengths and weaknesses in reaching poor clients, meeting their needs, and tracking progress over time.

The streamlined Truelift pro-poor module in the SPI4 must be used by those wishing to complete a self-assessment. Please note, however, that for practitioners seeking to advance along the Pro-Poor Pathway to the Achiever and Leader Milestones, external assessors may prefer to use the full version of the Truelift Indicators Tool.

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  3. Am a student is it possible for me to have the truelift tool kit? I also want to know the type of data that would be compartable to the truelift tool kit. Thank you.

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