Truelift Library: Purposeful outreach to people living in conditions of poverty

This section of the Truelift Library contains resources pertaining to Purposeful Outreach to People Living in Conditions of Poverty.
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Creator Organization
Organization(s) Studied
Type of Resource
Grameen Foundation: A Vision for Social Performance Management Jul-08 Grameen Foundation ALL Implementation Guide
Grameen Foundation: How AlSol Is Integrating the PPI™ Into Operations [None provided] Grameen Foundation Alternativa Solidaria Chiapas Latin America and Carribean PPI Case Study
Progress out of Poverty Index at PRISMA Microfinance: Using the PPI to Target and Serve Rural Poor Women Mar-11 Grameen Foundation PRISMA Microfinance Latin America and Carribean PPI Case Study
PT Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda (PT RUMA): A Social Enterprise with an Explicit Double Bottom Line 2011 Grameen Foundation PT Ruma East Asia Pacific PPI Case Study
Grameen Foundation: The PPI at Fonkoze: Applying Client Research to Programs & Services Oct-09 Grameen Foundation Fonkoze Latin America and Carribean PPI Case Study
Grameen Foundation: Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation: Progress out of Poverty (PPI) Case Study Series Apr-08 Grameen Foundation Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) East Asia Pacific PPI Case Study
SPI and Poverty Assessment Brief No. 9: The ASC Union experience: Joint SPI and PAT application in Albania [None provided] CERISE ASC Union Eastern Europe and Central Asia Research / Study
Three short courses on different aspects of poverty assessment May-13 USAID Implementation Guide
Financing Smallholder Farmers With Fairtrade Access Fund Jul-13 Incofin Investment Management Latin America and Carribean Online Article
Introducing MIMOSA: Microfinance Market Capacity Measurement Tool Mar-13 Planet Rating ALL Research / Study
FSP Maps Jul-13 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia Online Tool
Insight: Poverty Outreach Sep-12 Microfinanza Rating ALL Research / Study

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