Truelift Library: Pro-Poor Investors

This section of the Truelift Library contains resources for Pro-Poor Investors.
Click on any Title below to access that resource online. Click here to read more about the three Pro-Poor Principles.

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Creator Organization
Type of Resource
SPI and the Investors Brief DP No. 6: Social Performance Study by Oikocredit: SPI in Latin America [None provided] 2008 Oikocredit Latin America and Carribean Research / Study
2013 Symbiotics MIV Survey [None provided] Jul-13 Symbiotics ALL Research / Study
A New Look at Microfinance Apexes Sarah Forster, Eric Duflos, and Richard Rosenberg, with contributions from Nina Holle and Mayada El-Zoghbi Jun-12 CGAP ALL Research / Study
The State of Microfinance Investment 2013 Sebastian von Stauffenberg, Daniel Rozas, Damian von Stauffenberg, Rebecca Spradlin, Stephen Brown, Antonio Vargas, Katie Marney 2013 MicroRate ALL Research / Study
Does Client Protection Matter to Microfinance Investors? [None provided] Nov-13 CFI ALL Research / Study

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