Newsletter Archive

24 October 2014
Momentum is Building with 17 Truelift Milestone Institutions. Truelift Recognizes IDEPRO and FODEMI as Truelift Aspirant and recaps events that Truelift staff have participated in.

30 September 2014
Truelift Recognizes Three more Milestone Institutions. Including a Recap from the 2014 Microcredit Summit, Truelift Closing Ceremony and Workshop.

21 August 2014
Join Truelift for a Workshop at the 2014 Microcredit Summit in Mérida, Mexico: “How Pro-Poor is your MFI? Improving Client-Level Outcomes With Essential Practices and Indicators from Truelift”

05 August 2014
Announcing the newest Truelift Leader: Crédito con Educación Rural (CRECER)

11 June 2014
Announcing the Truelift Library of Pro-Poor Resources; Congratulations to KMF in Kazakhstan – the newest Truelift Milestone Institution

15 May 2014
Truelift Indicators Tool available in French; Month of Microfinance; Microfinance Centre contest; Internships available

04 April 2014
Truelift welcomes RFR as third-party verifier, Indicators Tool available in Spanish, Truelift in Bolivia

26 February 2014
New and improved Truelift Indicators Tool, Taan Yama Mothodology, and Microfinance in the United States

15 January 2014
Milestone MFI series: Small Enterprise Foundation, Truelift Achiever

07 December 2013
Event: Working Conversations for Improving Client Outcomes

22 October 2013
First Milestone MFIs announced, Truelift Indicators Tool, CERISE SPI 4.0, Chris Dunford appointed as Truelift Steering Committee Co-Chair

07 August 2013
Outreach to the Poorest, by Lisa Kuhn Fraioli, Truelift website translation, Poverty-focused microfinance Community of Practice survey

26 June 2013
What is Truelift? SPTF Annual Meeting and the USSPM, Anton Simanowitz’ article on Truelift and non-financial services

15 May 2013
Announcing the Pro-Poor Principles, Adapted Products series on the Truelift blog 

10 April 2013
Poverty measurement resources (English, Spanish and French)

02 April 2013
Video: Launch of Poverty-focused microfinance Community of Practice, Community of Practice proposed learning agenda, Africa – Urban concentration of Microfinance

18 March 2013
Welcome to the Poverty-focused microfinance Community of Practice

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