Stating Commitment
Hosted by Truelift and the Social Performance Task Force, the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice is a learning environment for all those committed to pro-poor microfinance. As many can attest, it is the potential to help lift the quality of life of poor people that brought us to microfinance in the first place! The Community of Practice is a place for all those who demonstrate serious intent to reach and help the poor to learn and grow together by sharing good practices, effective tools and resources in an effort to manifest our vision for the future of pro-poor microfinance.

Improving Pro-Poor Practices
The goal is to improve pro-poor practices for everyone in the Community of Practice, prioritizing the three Pro-Poor Principles: Purposeful Outreach to People Living in Poverty, Services that Meet the Needs of People Living in Poverty, and Tracking Progress of People Living in Poverty. By focusing on these three areas and providing tools and resources for those at every stage of pro-poor microfinance practice, the Community of Practice will advance pro-poor practices while learning together, as a community. Collaboration and partnership are the keys to success.


Pathways to Better Outcomes
Through its focus on effective models, the Community of Practice defines pathways to better outcomes. There are many different types of organizations that make up our diverse microfinance landscape, as can be seen in the figure above. The Community of Practice collects and shares tools and resources relevant to all shapes and sizes of pro-poor organizations, as we understand that there is not only one path to achieving pro-poor microfinance in practice. The Community of Practice is a dynamic learning environment and provides many varied examples of pro-poor microfinance practices, spanning regions and contexts from across the globe. To join the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice, click here.

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