Tracking Progress of Poor Clients

As pro-poor organizations continue to learn and grow through experience, Tracking Progress of Poor Clients becomes the most challenging objective. This is the third of the three Pro-Poor Principles against which to measure pro-poor performance. The indicators in this section of Truelift Assessment focus on tracking many aspects of progress for poor clients.

Tracking Progress is the weakest of pro-poor practices in the microfinance industry, and we have a lot of work to do collectively before we achieve excellence in this area. Monitoring the progress of poor clients is essential to continued growth and learning as situations evolve and change for people living in poverty. In order to be sure that pro-poor objectives can be reached by the methods used, we must also understand when these methods are not working as well as they can. Similar to the other two principles, four dimensions are included for Tracking Progress: mission and strategy, data quality, results, and use of information.

Below are more specific explanations of the four dimensions and standards of Tracking Progress of Poor Clients. You can view the specifics of all three Pro-Poor Principles in our Pro-Poor Principles chart here.


Essential Practices

Intent and Strategy Systematic tracking of progress of poor clients and their households is based on indicators relevant to the institution’s specific poverty alleviation objectives
Measurement, Data Quality, and Analysis Periodic tracking of poor clients over time through representative sample or census approach, using reasonably accurate and credible measures of the chosen indicators, generates quality data with appropriate analysis
Results Achieved Evidence of change in lives of poor clients and their households over time, disaggregated by location, gender, service use, and starting poverty status indicator values
Use of Findings Board of Directors and senior management draw practical inferences from findings and apply these to review social goals and to think strategically about ways to add value for poor clients
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