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Get Assessed: How to apply for Truelift Recognition

Truelift reflects not only the performance of an MFI’s pro-poor activities, but also the strength of evidence that validates it. The Truelift Assessment takes two forms: an Indicators Tool for internal use or for submission to a third-party verifier, and a Truelift add-on to the existing Social Rating tool (for the last two milestones of Truelift recognition).

Truelift is seeking organizations that have made progress already in one or more of the three Pro-Poor Principles. Especially promising candidates are those that manifest serious intent to reach and help the poor and who have scored well (or would likely score well) in a social rating by one of the specialist rating agencies (thereby showing compliance with the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, including the Client Protection Principles).

Step 1: Join the Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice and share your pro-poor objectives and challenges.

Step 2: Download the SPI4 and complete the Truelift pro-poor module. (The Truelift Indicators Tool has been streamlined and incorporated into the CERISE SPI4; the Truelift pro-poor module is live in version 1.2.2 released on 8 June 2015) Results from the Indicators Tool will point to the MFI’s strengths and weaknesses in reaching poor clients, meeting their needs, and tracking progress over time.

Step 3: Schedule an external review of a completed Indicators Tool to set the stage for Truelift recognition. This involves submission of the Truelift pro-poor module to the Truelift Secretariat, who will arrange for on-site verification by one of Truelift’s approved verifiers.

Step 4: Recognition at the Achiever or Leader milestone requires a Social Rating including the Truelift add-on by one of the participating rating agencies: MicroFinanza Rating, M-CRIL, and Planet Rating. MFIs that have received a Social Rating in the last 24 months, but without the Truelift add-on, can get a Truelift Assessment at reduced cost.

Fill out the following form to register your interest in getting assessed as an add-on to an existing Social Rating.

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