Two Aspirant Milestone Institutions progress to the Emerging Practitioner Milestone

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Truelift is very excited to announce that Microloan Foundation Malawi and Chamroeun Microfinance Limited have taken another step on the Truelift Pro-Poor Pathway and are being recognized with the Truelift Emerging Practitioner Milestone!

These two organizations were recognized at the Truelift Aspirant Milestone last August (the announcements can be read here for Microloan Foundation and Chamroeun ). After being recognized as Aspirant Institutions, they wanted to further investigate their performance along the Pro-Poor Pathway with a more in-depth review and verification by a Truelift third-party verifier.  After review by the third-party verifiers of the organizations’ already completed Indicators Tools, along with additional documentation collection, review, and interviews, the
results were presented to the Truelift Technical Review Committee for analysis. The Committee was able to confirm the level of performance for the Emerging Milestone (the highest milestone possible via third-party verification). As part of the third-party verification process, Chamroeun Microfinance and MicroLoan Foundation both received a set of recommendations to improve their pro-poor practices.

Congratulations to MicroLoan Foundation Malawi and Chamroeun Microfinance Limited for their achievement and we look forward to seeing their continued progression along the Pro-Poor Pathway!

If you would like to complete a Truelift Indicators Tool, have a review conducted by a third-party verifier, or an assessment by an approved Truelift Rating Agency, find out more information here.

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