Initiative Development Ghana Recognized as a Truelift Aspirant!


We are excited to welcome Initiative Development Ghana FNGO  (ID Ghana) to the Truelift community of Milestone Institutions as a Truelift Aspirant. ID Ghana is the first microfinance institution to become an Aspirant by completing the Truelift Indicators as part of the SPI4 poverty lens. The SPI4 by CERISE allows users to evaluate their level of implementation of different standards of good practice.  Please visit the CERISE website to learn more about the SPI4.

Initiative Development Ghana was founded in July 1998 and joined the Entrepreneurs du Monde Network in 2007.  After achieving a considerable improvement in their financial performance in 2013, ID Ghana decided to focus on its Social Performance and achieve their mission to create a dynamic financial, entrepreneurial organization which provides economic opportunities to people living in deprived urban areas. They demonstrated this commitment by completing the SPI4 and staring the journey on the Truelift Pro-Poor Pathway.

ID Ghana launched the Kick-Start Loan in 2009, a product intended to reach and meet the needs of the poorest women in Ghana. This interest free product is accompanied by free social and business training in order to encourage and help women starting or expending their businesses. Since 2007, ID Ghana has helped thousands of families with its carefully designed products and services.  For example, they conducted a Training Needs Assessment survey in 2013 to design trainings that would make the most of their clients’ potential. After some trainings were provided, they conducted a Satisfaction Survey to ensure that they were actually meeting their clients’ needs. Including the clients’ feedback and needs in the design of their products and services shows the commitment of ID Ghana to have a client-centered approach, which is at the core of Principle Two in the Truelift methodology.

ID Ghana also has its own method of group lending called “Onipa Nua” which was implemented in 2008.  It removes the principle of joint liability between group members and therefore, ensures that repayment pace and duration is adapted for every single member. Moreover, for each loan, ID Ghana personnel conduct an estimation of the client’s future cash flows.  By ensuring that the loan re-payment schedule is adapted to client cash flows, ID Ghana guarantees that its product and services are appropriate.

To ensure the best possible environment for clients’ success, ID Ghana provides a three year subsidy to register to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). This program includes a social training on the NHIS to inform clients of the benefits and how to use them. Thus, ID Ghana ensures their beneficiaries have access to health care for a moderate cost and helps them to cope with illness related shocks.

Finally, ID Ghana staff systematically asses the level of poverty of their clients by visiting their home using the Poverty Assessment Tool (PAT). Data collected are verified by auditors which ensures data quality. Finally, for each odd loan cycle clients are surveyed again to track change in their living conditions.  From the data collected on clients’ living conditions, Initiative Development Ghana is planning to report precisely on the progress made by their clients and thus, asses the efficiency of their services and products.

Congratulations to Initiative Development Ghana FNGO! We encourage other poverty-focused institutions to take the first step on the Pro-Poor Pathway. To learn more about the assessment process and the Truelift Indicators Tool, please follow the links.

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