Poverty Measurement – 3 April 2013 (PovCoP)

Missed our meeting this month?

Watch the video below, featuring presentations on the following Poverty Measurement tools:

  • Participatory Wealth Ranking (PWR)
  • Food Security Survey
  • Poverty Assessment Tool – USAID (PAT)
  • Progress out of Poverty Index – Grameen Foundation (PPI)

Poverty Measurement Resources

Resumen del 03 de abril 2013 en español
Para la Medición de Pobreza – Recursos

Mesure de la Pauvreté – Les ressources

3 thoughts on “Poverty Measurement – 3 April 2013 (PovCoP)

  1. Is it possible for me to download, save and print the PDF version of the presentation? It would be useful for my research as a student. I would like to be able to compare and see which amongst the m to replicate in measuring poverty among women in my area of study. Am referring to the 3rd April 2013. Thank you.

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