What does Truelift do?

Truelift is a global initiative to push for accountability in pro-poor development. Truelift is a trust mark – in microfinance and other forms of social business – to signify commitment to positive and enduring change for people affected by conditions of poverty.

What does Truelift do?

• Defines and recognizes Pro-Poor Principles for social business.
• Provides a framework, learning environment and recognition.
• Advocates for a pro-poor agenda in social enterprise, and focuses a lens of poverty on existing initiatives.
• Aligns profitability with the social inclusion of people living in poverty.
• Simplifies and works within existing frameworks to remain manageable and efficient.
• Focuses on people, and on outcomes.
• Collects, shares, and promotes good practices.
• Highlights unknown organizations (in addition to well-known ones) that are achieving pro-poor practices.
• Draws attention to good models, good products, and good organizations.
• Collaborates – Truelift is aligned with the Smart Campaign, Social Performance Task Force and other industry efforts.

To support Truelift with a donation, click here.

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